Chitika | Earn Money With Your Ads

If you haven’t heard about Chitika yet or if you have not tried it on your Website then you should read this and apply for Chitika program.

I’ve had ChitikaPremium on my website for about a month, and my revenue so far with Chitika has been similar to the revenue I receive from Ad Sense. I earn somewhere around a dime each time a reader clicks on an ad. You’ll get paid via PayPal when your balance meets the $10 minimum. You can also choose to be paid via check when your balances reaches a $50 minimum

Chitika is one of the good revenue generating program for blogger which you can use along with Google adsense.
Chitika target users from US and Canada only otherwise it will be invisible for users from other countries.
People who have used Chitika, I have got only positive reviews from them because according to them Chitika have following advantages :
# High CTR
# Can be use with Adsense
# Target only US/CA users
# High eCPMs
# Chitika targets your Organic traffic.
Since it does not interfere with any of my current monetizing program I will highly recommend Chitika for people who have not used it.

Click here To applay and join this program

Get Chitika  Premium

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