Video: Islaamiyiinta Somaliya oo bireynaya muwaadin Somali ah

Kooxaha Islaamiyiinta Somaliya ka dagaalama ayaa sida Filmkan ka muuqata bilaabay in ey bini`aadamka bireeyaan, iyadoo naqshadanina u muuqato in laga soo min guuriyay kooxahihii ka dagaalami jiray dalka Ciraaq.

DIGNIIN: Fadlan Ha daawan hadaad adkaysi lahayn oo aad ka naxi doontid sawirada

WARNING: please don’t watch if your heart is weak >>>

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  1. there ws a similar video when the war between afgan n US broke out….i mean when u attacked afganistan after 9/11…
    really,u must hv strong heart to view such things….
    just imagine how strong they are who kill people

  2. this is stupid and i hope those pple go to hail that are doing this

  3. alshabab are moryaan and they will go hell insha allah

  4. insha allah they will

  5. Al Shabaab are all thieves and hypocrites, They are killing innocent somalis and cousing disruption for mothers and the children of somalia , Inshallah illahey hanaqabto shartooda.

  6. Salamu Alaykum!

    Acudubillah Minashaytaanirajeem! This is not part of Islam and Al-Shabaab should not be called muslims! May Allah guide them to the Haqq and May Allah protect the rest of his ummah from these Evil beings.

  7. Great job Somalis ,first you were slaughtering Americans , then Ethiopians and now finaly u guys are slaughtering yourselves ,If the world would have known it will all come to this , so many innocent peace keeper’s life would have been spaired. The world should have just stood by and watched ……… the rate this infedels are going ,i give your pathhethic example of a country some five more years and by then everyone in it will be either slaughtered or killed in bomb .


  9. I totaly agree , this mother fuckers are disgusting(al shabaab) and their followers are inhumen but there is no point of hunting down the ones in Saint paul because they are innocent and they are there bcoz they ran away from the ones in this video ,

  10. Umm Khaliff this is part of the deen and you can kill someone if they leave the deen. However there are conditions for applying the shariah law. These people are wrong and they will have to face allah. The way the killed that man was totally inhumane and it was done in the worst possible way.
    Umm Cisa

  11. Salaam Umm Cisa.
    What I said was interpreted, what i meant was they are not following the correct shariah. The way they killed this man was Inhuman and If they were killing him because he had left the deen they should have witnesses and proof that he had done so. He should have had a trial to prove that the allegations made against him are true. Also this should not have been taped.

  12. interpreted Wrongly***

  13. those are nonhumans

  14. These are animals , worse in its kind. They are not Muslims but a satanic worshipers who clearly sacrificing a human blood for the Devil. They sold their soul to ” Lucifer 666 ” mark of the beast, in order to gain power which they will never cease.

    May god eliminated this animals from the face of this Earth……..

  15. No one has the right to take another life I don’t care if they deny their religion- A human being cannot be the judge of that and the fact that they forget to acknowledge its god’s work to do that, clearly shows they competing with God’s work.

  16. hiding behind the name of god, this is what is said to be happening when the world is about to come to an end and not now but in the next 80 years or only allah knows; there will be many different religouse groups who will be inturpreting the quran in different ways and yep it sure is happenig now..the other thing is there will be many other people who will convert to islam and it sure is happening.. however, we somalians should not be shocked THAT somalians are doing this at this time.. we have been killing eachother and being victems of a laghing stock in the eyes of the world for more than 18 years. of-course somalians will be slaughtering each other and its a supprise theve started slaughtering each other in 2008 if i estimate it this should of been 6 to 8 years ago.. but we even shouldnt be suprissed when they start to eat each-other alive or dead which shouldnt be far..WHY NOT, THIS was never in our books..NOT A JOKE BUT US GOOD SOMALIANS AND MUSLIMS KNOW THAT OUR LIVES DONT BELONG TO US AND THAT ITS ONLY “AMAANO” SO WHY DOnT WE MAKE THE MOST OF IT AND JUST MAKE SURE THAT WE WORK FOR THE AFTER LIFE AND THAT THIS LIFE IS A MATTER OF TIME WHERE-AS AFTERLIFE IS OUR REAL HOMES..SO PLEAZE BROTHERS AND SISTERS BLIND YOUR SELFS FROM THE BAD THATs HAPPENING AND LETS NOT FORGET THAT WE ARE GOOD MUSLIMS AND THAT WE SHOULD DO RIGHT BY THE QURAN.. SALAMUCALYKUM

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